About Us

Since 2011, our vision has been to provide websites and digital support to charities, good causes and ethical ventures at an affordable rate.

How do we make it affordable?

Long White Digital has been set up to keep costs down for our non-profit clients. We provide the level of service and expertise that you'd expect from an established digital agency, while charging freelancer rates - that's about half the price.

How do we do that? We don't employ salaried staff, and we don't have an office. We work in different locations, most of us from our homes, and at times of day to suit our clients.

This much is pretty standard since covid, but as we've been doing it since 2011 we've got over a decade of experience in making the 'distributed' thing work.

We find that having a freelance team not only keeps things affordable, but also provides good continuity. People 'move on' far less than in conventional employment. In fact, the LWD team is almost unchanged in over 10 years. Our digital wizards will see your project through from conception to completion, and are very likely to be around as we continue working with you down the years.

Our team

Our team consists of 5-6 freelancers, most of whom have worked together since LWD's inception or before. They're specialists in their fields and bring a wide range of subject knowledge to the table.

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