Award-winning and Michelin-starred chef Clare Smyth needed a website to reflect the high standards of her new restaurant and venture, Core.

The vast majority of restaurant websites provide a poor user experience, but we wanted this to really stand out.

We took a user-oriented, goal-focused approach in planning the site. We asked: what’s important when you visit a restaurant’s website? We concluded you don’t need lots of pages, you just want to check out the food, the opening times, and perhaps be able to book online (though in reality they take a lot of bookings over the phone).

You also perhaps want to leave the website with flavour of the restaurant; certainly the restaurant want to convey this.

With the help of a creative direction from Sarah Foley and some photos of the building’s interior and some mouth-watering dishes we created a one-page site that was immediately optimized for mobile. All the information you could need is on that single page — we wanted everything to be available and clear just by scrolling.

We validated these with Hotjar to observe how visitors interact with the site.

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